Satya Punyam

Faculty Krionics-Space

Punyam Satya-Narayana “Satya” , is a former award winning NASA scientist, a former scientist at Naval Research Laboratory and currently an adjunct faculty at Capitol Technology University. Satya was one of the two SAIC scientists who received the prestigious NASA innovative science award in 1995 for the design of smart RPA that was flown on board a rocket out of NASA’s Wallops Island facility to study ionospheric E region parameters. Satya has worked on modeling and simulation of ionospheric and space plasmas. Satya has supported NASA's TSS-1 and TSS-2 shuttle missions as part of its science team. He is currently supporting NOAA in developing algorithms for the MetOp series of satellites. A trained theoretical space plasma physicist from Boston College, MA, Satya's interest are in Machine Learning, GPU processing and Deep Learning.

He is an active STEM mentor for high school robotics programs. His work has resulted in over 35 publications in peer reviewed journals.

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