Marcel Mabson

Born in the great state of Hawaii while my mother was stationed on the Naval base. I have always enjoyed science from a young age, my uncle introduced me to space while we were watching an Apollo documentary. Since then, I always knew a career in space is something that I wanted to do. While in Elementary school I would read any book I could about space, I even could tell you the names of all the space shuttles, what year they built and there first launch, I also began learning about astronomy and became fascinated in the field. On my 5th bday my godparents gifted me my first telescope and on that same night we looked at the planet Saturn, small in size that telescope allowed me learn more about astronomy and take what I learned in books and see them in real life. My junior year of high school, I wanted to get an early start to my college search, I knew astronomy and space were my ideal fields but many colleges and universities I attended open houses seemed too large and I felt I wouldn’t get the exposure I required in the field. I attended an open house at Capitol Technology University (then Capitol College) and knew their AE program would be my best track to working on a NASA mission. In fall of 2006 I was selected as a flight operator on NASA’s TOMS-EP mission and that was my stepping stone to greater missions. Since graduation I have worked on over 12 NASA and commercial missions, attended various conference and help run the Space Flight Operations Training Center (SFOTC), to train the next generation of spacecraft operators.

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