Manik Bali

Technical Advisor

Manik Bali is a Space Scientist and has been leading satellite projects in Europe and United States since 2007. He is currently coordinating a fifteen member consortium of space agencies ( that include NASA, NOAA, European Space Agency, Indian Space Research Organization and many more and helps them inter-calibrate satellite measurements. Bali is a member of the Korean Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) Satellite validation team.

Bali has interests in remote sensing; Satellite Calibration, Weather Forecasting and Land – Atmosphere interaction. Mission planning for future ESA missions (Sentinels), Satellite Wind retrieval and Validation of Satellite derived Vegetation Indices are some of the exciting projects he has worked on. Most recently he has been working on AVHRR re-calibration project at NOAA and developed techniques to use IASI and AIRS radiance to mimic pre-launch environment.

He is a member of the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites taskforce on satellite landing pages. Bali has served on NASA SCIS panel for reviewing NASA grants and serves as Deputy Director for GSICS Coordination Center at NOAA.

He has given several invited talks including NASA AIRS Science Meeting.

Bali is a leading member of the team that has received NOAA/STAR 2016 Award for outstanding service to WMO’s Global Satellite Inter Calibration System (GSICS) community and Leadership of the NOAA GSICS Coordination Center

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