Jamie Teeple, PhD

Dr. Jamie Teeple is Dean of Academics at Capitol Technology University, a private, non-profit university near D.C., guiding undergraduate students, 150+ adjunct faculty, professors of practice, full-time faculty, and department chairs in 28 on-campus and asynchronous bachelor’s degree programs. He is also concurrent Director of General Education and an Assistant Professor, supervising courses in chemistry, English, history, the humanities, languages, mathematics, physics, and the social sciences. Dr. Teeple is a cited author and educator with 14 years’ experience in K-12, public university, community college, liberal arts, and private, non-profit settings, having taught 73 sections of 17 courses at 5 institutions, including experiential/service-learning. He is an administrator with steadfast commitment to policies for diversity, equity, and inclusion and is interested in the philosophy of education, political philosophy, and novel conceptions of STEM and general education.